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Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic agency renowned for its strategic brilliance and client-centric ethos. With a focus on creativity and innovation, we specialize in delivering impactful marketing solutions that drive results and foster lasting relationships, setting us apart in the industry.

Elevating Your Life with Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd.

Life Enhancement Through Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. Empowering You with Innovative Solutions

Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. empowers clients through innovative solutions, enhancing lives with strategic brilliance, creativity, and unparalleled dedication, setting industry standards and fostering enduring partnerships for lasting success.

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Jagdeesh Sharma


Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. CEO leads with vision, innovation, excellence.

Pragya Singh

Director And senior manager

Director and Senior Manager oversee Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. strategic initiatives and operations.

Priya Sharma


Manages Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. daily operations, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

Afiya Nigar


HR department oversees employee management, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Neha Akhtar

Team Leader

Guides and inspires Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd. team towards achieving collective goals.

Puspa Dubey

Recording Prosess Handler

Oversees the recording process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in operations.

Uzma Aqeel

Project Cordinator

Coordinates projects at Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd, ensuring smooth execution and timely delivery.

Anand Tiwari

Bpo Prosess - Manager

Manages BPO processes at Rktm & Ipsi Pvt. Ltd., ensuring efficiency and quality standards.

Shunil Kumar

Bpo Prosess -Team Leader

Oversees the recording process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in operations.